Sensory Advocates Nw


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    sensory advocates nw
  • Last updated:

    16 December 2019
  • Registration location:

    BL1 2AX Map
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  • Category:

    • general charitable purposes
    • disability
    • the prevention or relief of poverty
    • economic/community development/employment
    • human rights/religious or racial harmony/equality or diversity
    • other charitable purposes
  • Causes:

    • Scholarships & financial support
    • Volunteer training
    • Mental health
    • Hospital
    • Development & promotion of voluntary sector
    • Minority rights
    • Diversity
    • Disability
    • Other
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    No data provided
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    No data provided
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  • Mission

    To relieve persons over 16 in the Greater Manchester area who are in need because of deafness, deaf/blindness, blindness or other sensory disabilities and their families and carers by the provision of services to enable them to obtain their full rights as citizens through the provision of advocates.
  • Brief history

    Independent Generic Peer Advocacy in 2012. We became a charity in 2017 Sensory Advocates NW. We deal with day to day living issues. We not commissioned because we are Generic not Statutory advocates, we are preventative. We are advocates and leaders with lived experience. All Volunteers to continue


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